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Environment´s information

We stand out, owing to its proximity, the circular path of 5.6 km to the waterfall of Xorroxin that begins in Erratzu and keeps along the cottages of Gorostopalo and it crosses the regatta of Iñarbegi. The Valley of Baztan is the widest municipality of Navarre and in its 15 villages there are notable ancestral houses. Bucolic valley, full of fields and small cottages with their cultivations (mainly corn) where there are forests of beech, oak and chestnuts. The Jacobean branch belongs to Bayona has left its testimonies in temples such as the hermitage of Santiago in Azpilikueta or the hospital of pilgrims of Elizondo. And many years ago, in the Prehistory, the religiosity was expressed in the station of dolmens of Izpegi or the megalithic of Erratzu-Alduides.
To watch panoramic views of the valley you can go up to the lookouts of Ziga, port of Otsondo and the top of Gorramendi. And if what you want is to be mountaineer, there are summits of thousand and one thousand and four hundred meters, besides you can do different excursions such as hiking along the route Abartan. In the road that drives up to the frontier, there is a detour in the last slopes of the port of Otsondo that drives up to Urdazubi/Urdax, where you can visit the mill, the monastery and the awesome cave of Ikaburu. A guided visit lets to contemplate beautiful formations of stalactites and stalagmites and listen the whispers of Urtxuma, a stream that runs inside the cave. The caves of Urdazubi/Urdax is linked by the road or by a signed path with the Zugarramurdi?s, that the history and the legend has linked forever with the witchcraft. Besides it is worth to stand out that on the East of Elizondo is the Natural Park of the Manor of Bertiz. And on the Southeast it is the Quinto Real.


Small village of the Valley of Baztán in a privileged environment, few minutes from the border step to France in the high of Izpegui (672 meters high). There are prehistoric dolmens in its area. In its parish highlights the biggest modern and neogothic altarpiece. Patronal festivals at the end of June and its main dances are the “Mutil dantza” and the “Sagar dantza”, typical from the Valley of Baztán. Circular path of 5,6 km to the waterfall of Xorroxin which begins in Erratzu, it keeps through the cottages of Gorostopalo and crosses the regatta of Iñarbegi.


Museum House Gorrienea, Caves of Urdax, Zugarramurdi and Sara, craftsmen, botanic garden of Bértiz, Xorroxin Waterfall. Santxotena Museum-Park.


Walking, hiking and mountain paths nearby.


Cuevas de Zugarramurdi
Magia, fantasía y brujería se han convertido la Cueva de Zugarramurdi en un enclave turístico único a 400 metros de este pueblo fronterizo con Francia en el Pirineo occidental navarro. Hay también un ...
Parque Natural Señorío de Bertiz
Un fabuloso jardín botánico con mirlos, ardillas y siete especies de pájaros carpinteros destaca en este Parque Natural del Pirineo occidental navarro junto al río Bidasoa con árboles de gran porte y ...
Colegiata de Roncesvalles
Orreaga/Roncesvalles es entrada del Camino de Santiago desde Francia con leyendas de Carlomagno y Roldán. Cobijo de peregrinos durante siglos y hoy, también, enclave turístico jacobeo de primer orden ...


Ferias de Elizondo
En Elizondo, del 27 al 28 de octubre
Las Ferias y Mercados que se organizaban periódicamente en numerosas localidades navarras continuaron siendo, hasta comienzos del siglo XX, el principal centro de compra venta de los consumidores. En...
Jornadas Gastronómicas de caza
En Baztan, del 1 al 30 de noviembre
Con la llegada del otoño, la caza se convierte en uno de los principales reclamos del Pirineo Occidental navarro. Aficionados a la práctica de este deporte y amantes de la buena mesa tienen una cita i...
Baserritarren Eguna
En Arantza, 1 de noviembre
La verde monotonía de los montes del norte de Navarra se rompe con la presencia de enormes casas aisladas entre sí. Son los caseríos. No son sólo casas, también conforman una forma de vida dedicada a ...
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