Our town belongs to the Valley of Baztán. A privileged place, a few minutes from the border crossing with France in the height of Izpegui (672 meters of altitude). Very close to the Erratzu, you can visit many prehistoric dolmens. As well as take a circular tour to see the Xorroxin waterfall. If you visit us at the end of June, you will be able to enjoy the festivities and you will know the dances of "Mutil dantza" and "Sagar dantza", dances typical of the Baztán Valley.

    What to see

    Near the village you can visit places of great interest. For example, the Jacobean branch from Bayonne has left its testimony in temples such as the hermitage of Santiago in Azpilikueta or the pilgrim hospital in Elizondo. And much earlier, in prehistory, religiosity made stone was reflected in the dolmens station of Izpegi or the megaliths of Erratzu-Alduides. To see the panoramic views of the valley, go up to the viewpoints of Ziga, Otsondo port and Gorramendi peak. And if what you want is to be a mountaineer, summits between one thousand and one thousand four hundred meters you have several, in addition to being able to make various excursions such as hiking on the Abartan route.

    On the road that leads to the border, a first detour on the last ramps of the port of Otsondo leads to Urdazubi / Urdax, where you can visit the mill, the monastery and the spectacular cave of Ikaburu. A guided tour allows you to contemplate beautiful formations of stalactites and stalagmites and listen to the murmur of the Urtxuma, a stream that runs through the interior of the grotto. The caves of Urdazubi / Urdax is linked by road or by a path marked with that of Zugarramurdi, which history and legend have linked forever to witchcraft. In addition, it should be noted that east of Elizondo is the Señorío de Bertiz Natural Park. And to the southeast the Fifth Real.

    Cascada de Xorroxin


    Fascinating nature, a waterfall half hidden by the forest to which the lamias and sirens went to straighten their hair with gold combs. Singing water, beech, oak, hazel and chestnut trees await us.

    Cuevas de Zugarramurdi


    Magic, fantasy and witchcraft have become the Cave of Zugarramurdi in a unique tourist enclave 400 meters from this border town with France in the western Navarrese Pyrenees.

    Parque Señorío de Bertiz


    A fabulous botanical garden with blackbirds, squirrels and seven species of woodpeckers stands out in this Natural Park of the western Navarrese Pyrenees next to the Bidasoa river with large trees.

    What to do

    Enjoy the next events in the area.

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