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Conoce los alrededores de Erratzu.

Xorroxin Waterfall
Awesome nature, a half hidden waterfall through the forest where the sirens used to straighten their hair with golden combs. Singing water, beech, oaks, hazel and chestnut wait for us.
Urdax Monastery
The church and cloister are the remains of the old monastery. The interior houses a permanent collection of contemporary paintings and sculptures.
A natural space of extraordinary beauty opened in the heart of the land along the centuries, located in the municipal term of the historic villa of Urdax.
Caves of Zugarramurdi
Magic, fantasy and witchcraft have become Zugaramurdi Cave on one unique tourist settlement t 400 meters from the border town with France in the western Pyrenees of Navarre. There is also a Museum of Witches as supplement.
Caves of Sara
Sare in French, Sara in Basque, is a French town and commune located in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques department, in the Aquitaine region, near the Bay of Biscay (Saint-Jean-de-Luz is 14 km away). It belongs to the historical Basque-French territory of Lapurdi.
Señorío de Bertiz Natural Park
A fabulous botanical garden with blackbirds, squirrels and seven species of woodpeckers stand out in this Natural Park along the western Pyrenees of Navarre next to the river Bidasoa with large trees and well preserved in the term Oieregi.
Bertiz, a unique natural playground
A whole botanical garden on the banks of the Bidasoa River with salmon, beech forests and pastures awaits you?
Colegiata de Roncesvalles
Orreaga / Roncesvalles is the entrance of Santiago’s Path (Camino de Santiago) from France with legends of Charlemagne and Roland. Shelter for pilgrims for centuries and now also Jacobean touristic settlement with an excellent collegiate. Bucolic natural
Rack train of Larun
Larun, Basque Mountain. At an altitude of 905 metres, Larun, an emblematic mountain in the Basque Country, offers one of the most beautiful panoramas imaginable (it is rated 3 stars in the Michelin guide). Our gaze travels over ...
Fábrica de armas de Orbaitzeta
La Real Fábrica de Armas y Municiones de Orbaizeta se erigió con el fin de abastecimiento de armas y munición al ejército. En la actualidad, las ruinas son importante muestra de la arqueología industrial del siglo XVIII le ha valido la declaración de Bien de Interés Cultural.
Zubieta Mill
It is one of the places where the time has stopped. It was built in 1785 as a real mill and nowadays is an active eco-museum. Its miller still uses his hands and utensils to grind the wheat and the corn, and you can make your own cake.
Saint Jean de Luz
The bay of Saint Jean de Luz is located at the bottom of the Bay of Biscay, on the shores of the Bay of Biscay. It is the only sheltered port in France between Arcachon and the Spanish border.
Artikutza Farm
The farm of Artikutza is a natural enclave of 3,800 hectares with lots of animals, many of them are endangered, and over six million of beech and oak. And there is a reservoir.
Selva del Irati
This forest is the second largest and best preserved beech-fir forest of Europe, after the Black Forest of Alemania. There are 17,000 hectares, almost in virgin state with a high ecological value, at the head of the Pyrenean valley of Aezkoa and Salazar.
Orgi oak grove
Ancient forest, the only witness of secular oak wet Navarre with great ecological interest. Natural Recreation Area with reception areas, rides and conservation. A unique landscape that always amazes visitors.
Between the sea and the Jaizkibel mountains, Hondarribia is a walled town full of charm. You can find yourself in a situation where you don't feel like you're in the same town; every corner is totally different.
Puerto de Larrau y Orhi
Vistas maravillosas pirenaicas de Navarra y de Francia al que se accede desde Ochagavia y que dispone de un amplio camping desde el que podemos acercarnos a miradores y hacer senderismo o subir, si eres experto, hasta el Pico de Orhi-Ori.
Mendukilo Cave
In the valley of Larraun, in the council of Astitz, a few minutes from Lekunberri, it is the cave of Mendukilo that reveals the depth of the Mountain Chain of Aralar
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